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i'm joey, and i'm a canadian art student who talks to himself a lot, has more drawings in his notebook than notes, sings in the shower, and dreams about eating.
current interest(s): 真司, 山野, 愛実, BVB
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Of course I’d become obsessed with the ship that has like 0 fan art and -2 fanfiction.

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Random crow shows up on dude’s porch, looks him straight in the face and says ‘fuck you’

well the guy did call him a motherfucker in the beginning ok

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Ohno Satoshi - TV Guide 2014.10

The Sedins of the Vancouver Canucks wear their customized Vancouver Whitecaps FC jerseys while David Ousted and Russell Teibert of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC wear Sedin jerseys.


Find Momo at Ramsey Lake.

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Make Me Choose : Mats Hummels or Erik Durm  [asked by : wortsammlerin ]