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hi i'm joey, and i'm a spiffy canadian who loves talking to myself, making artwork of cute people in love, singing in the shower, and eating food 24/7. i also love my friends a whole lot, and i'm kinda nice so talk to me and tell me about yourself you beautiful tater tots x
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They threw away their eterosexuality so fast they broke a wall in the arena.

"…because people can connect with anything"


Cute moment: Satoshi stumbling over his words and Nino and Sho coming to the rescue (VS 嵐 2011.01.27) 

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Chocolate Cream Pie Brownies (recipe)


"Golden Burger” by Antoni Tudisco (Germany)  

Limited Edition Art Print by @curioos from $45


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heirs of durin on the last day of principal shooting ~ from the AUJ EE extras

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